Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Is Your Personal Style?

Good afternoon;

      What is your personal style?  Looking through fashions in magazines and out on the streets it is enjoyable to make a connection between what you see and styles that you have chosen in the past, are wearing right now or hope to wear in the future.  My hope for this piece is for you to make connections to the various styles.


The country style consists of cowboy boots, denim, suede, plaid, corduroy, button up shirts, equestrian, vests, short shorts and white cotton.


The classic style consists of simplicity and chic wardrobe and accessories.  Cardigans, blazers, diamonds, boots, pearls, button down shirts, heals and ballet flats are often worn with this look.

Bohemian Chic

The Olsen twins and Sienna Miller are famous for their boho style.  This style consists of
chunky bracelets, vegan friendly sandals, cowboy boots, big dangly earrings, tunics, floral prints, printed maxi dress and scarves.


Black, black and more black. Goth styling is often tattoo inspired and consists of stripped pants, leather, zippers, plaid, dark red, brocade, hardware, chokers, fishnet stockings, studs and leopard prints.


Courtney Love and Johnny Depp are often styled in grunge.  It consists of plaid shirts, ripped jeans, Doc Martens, distressed denim, layered knits, plaid flowery dresses, leggings, cut off jeans, sneakers, tie dye and coveralls.  Grunge is also defined by natural fabrics.


Lace, pearls, Coco channel, ribbons, ruffles, satin and sequins help to define the glamorous style.
Black, grey, pink, peach, mauve, red and white are often colours associated with this look.


Ruffles, flowers, tea dress, drawstring and chiffon help create the romantic look.

Rock and Roll

To get the rock and roll look wear sequins, satin, leopard prints, corsets, halter styles, skulls, horizontal stripes, stilettos, angel wings, symbols, black leather, big hair, t-shirt dresses, studs, chains, white denim and skinny jeans.


The futuistic look has modern lines, daring looks, metallic, padded shoulders, plastic, geometric patterns, synthetics and padded hips.


Deta VonTeese is a really good example of a celebrity that wears the retro style.  It can consist of
sixties full skirts, velour, headbands, princess lines, darts, beehives, polka dots, bell bottoms, pleated skirts, argyle, ruffles, tunics and ties.


Golf shirts, cardigans, sweater tied over shoulders, argyle, pleated skirts, plaid, button down shirts, knee high socks, ties, dark denim, cable knit sweaters, T shirt dresses, flats and sweater vest.

s and tanks, jewelry made of earthy materials and safari jackets.


Casual jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies, sneakers, casual T



Camouflage, boots, army green, fishnet stockings, trench coats, military waist coats, military jackets, harem style pants, pockets on pants, mesh clothing

Also Minimalism, Nautical and Funk

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