Monday, September 20, 2010

Organizing and Caring for Style

Organizing the Closet


     Closets can acquire clothes at alarming rates and some times it seems like there is still nothing to wear. By organizing the closet you will be able to take inventory of all of your clothing and determine essentials that may be missing. You will also purge your clothing, shoe and accessory inventory making room for more and the ability to organize your clothing in a way that you will able to make better connections and appreciation for what you do have. It may be a daunting task but the results will be rewarding. The first step is to take all of you clothes out of the closet.

      Next sort you clothes into various piles. These may include clothes that you will be giving to charity, your friends, throwing away or using for rags. Consider selling select items on the internet or consignment stores. It is recommended that clothes, shoes, undergarments, etc. that haven’t been worn in a year be disposed of. At this time you can also sort your clothing into separate colours and into piles for tops and piles for bottoms. As well it is recommended that you sort through accessories and undergarments, disposing of what you wont be wearing and whats to keep and organize.

     The next step is to plan your wardrobe placement. Keep a separate spot for outerwear, find a separate spot for off season clothing and also designate a spot for future repairs. Analyze your clothing to see what you need to fold and what you need to hang. At this time take inventory of everything that you have and carry this in your purse to help you make smarter purses. After you have fit your clothing back into your closet find a separate spot for accessories. You will enjoy your accessories more if they are displayed. When you are ready to return your undergarments to home consider using a separate drawer for socks, bras and underwear. If you cannot use a separate drawer find dividers to better organize your undergarments.

      Next step back and take a look. Rearrange anything that you may have missed. This could also be a time to consider upgrading your storage. You could use under bed storage, drawer organizers, drawer dividers and clear shoe boxes.

Caring for Natural Fabrics


Wash in warm or cool water.
Tumble dry at hot settings
Iron while damp


Dry clean to retain crisp finish
Can be wash is softness is preferred; shrinks when washed

Usually dry clean
If washable done by hand in mild suds
Avoid chlorine bleach
Iron at low temperature settings


Usually dry clean
Sweater can be washed in tepid water and mild suds
Do not use chlorine bleach
Some wool can be machine washed; follow instructions


Caring for Synthetic Fabrics


Usually dry clean
If washed done by hand or gentle cycle
If tumble dried use low setting

Machine wash


Wash by hand or on gentle cycle in warm water
Fabric softener
Tumble or drip dry


Wash in warm water by hand or machine
Tumble or drip dry
Fabric softener


Most needs dry cleaning
Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm water
Iron while damp on moderate setting


Wash by hand or gentle cycle
Avoid chlorine bleach
Drip or tumble dry
Iron at low temperature

Tumble dry with fabric softener

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