Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Athletic Style

Athletic Wear

      Athletic wear is available for many active occasions.  There is specific clothing for yoga, tennis, golf and cycling.  Many of the principles that you use to dress your best at home and at work can also be applied to active wear and swimwear.  There is a vast array to choose from that can be used for many activities such as sport skirts, sport dresses, running clothes, hiking apparel, workout clothes and jersey crossovers.

      One area that requires special attention for active wear is in the line of undergarment particularly bras.  Sports bras are found in sports outlets and specialty bra shops.  Different levels of activity require a various support.  For activities such as yoga, golf, walking and gym training you can use a low impact bra.  Hiking, cycling and paddles sports require a medium impact bra.  A high impact bra is used for running, tennis and mountain biking.

Yoga Wear

Pants* Harem, Capri, short, Bermuda, tights

* Tank tops, racer back tank top, camisole, halter bra top

Cover ups
* Hoodie, tunic, pullover, cardigan, larger tank
* Head band


     Many of the principles for fashion can be applied to swimwear such as dressing for your body shape and colour analysis. When choosing the best swimwear for your body, remember that various swimsuits are made in longer sizes. Swimwear can also be purchased with large cup sizes. Hoodies, tees, tunics, dresses, tank tunics and rash guard can all be worn as cover ups.

One piece* Halter, twistini, bandini

Tops* Banded halter, triangle top, twistini bra cup, tankini, halter style

* Short, medium brief, skirt(with sewn in brief), skort, tie side, boy bottom, low brief

Performance Swim

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