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      The first topic on style and fashion is on shapes and how to dress to achieve balance.  The main shapes are triangle/pear, inverted triangle/ busty, apple/ round, hourglass and rectangle.  Within the shapes there is also the challenge of the tall, petite and oval figure.  For balance with tall, petite and oval figures you want to follow the principles of the shapes but I have added further suggestions.


A person with a triangle shape is someone who is bottom heavy. This refers to the bottom being proportionately larger than the rest of the body. Keep the bottom clean and simple.

* Draw attention to the top half with prints, patterns, pockets, collars and ruffles

* Choose cropped jackets and cardigans with pockets and pads

* Choose warm, intense and light colours for the top

* Choose empire styles and square, boat, U neck, or halter necklines

Inverted Triangle/Busty

Inverted triangle is someone who is top heavy. This refers to a larger than proportion bust area or proportionately muscular shoulder and arms. Often an Inverted triangle has a very athletic appearance. Make sure that the larger half of your body is clean and simple

* Wear a good fitting well adjusted bra

* Choose low U and V necks

* Choose dark, cool subdued colours for the top

* Raglan sleeves will minimize shoulder width

* For the bottom choose gauchos, harem pants, cargo pants, flared pants, full skirts, low rise and stove pipe pants

* Pockets and ruffles and warm, intense, light colours will draw attention to the bottom and make these good chooses

* Belted coats with minimal design at the top flared at the waist

Someone who is an apple shape is rounder in the middle then others are proportionately. The chest and arms and legs are the areas to emphasize while creating a waistline. One way to achieve this is by wearing dark colours such as black, dark grey, navy and dark brown. Wearing solid dark colours on either the top or both top and bottom will help you to look leaner.

* Invest in well supportive bras and shape wear for your mid section

* V-neck or open neck to draw attention to décolletage

* Choose single breasted coats and jackets

* Empire waistline and tunic tops are good choices for the top

* Find balance with straight leg pants and chunky heals

* For the bottom wear A line and pencil skirts, straight, wide or flared legged pants

A person that has an hourglass shape is proportioned and curvy. When choosing clothing it is good to focus on choosing items that wrap around the waist and accentuate the curves.
  * Choose V necks and U necks

* Wrap tops and dresses create a smooth and sexy silhouette

* Wear belted tops, dresses, sweaters and shirt

* Balance skinny pants with something that draws the attention up

* Wide and skinny belts will accentuate your shape

* Boot cut jeans and straight leg pants are best for balancing out the figure

* Wear most all skirts, all types of jeans and pants

* Consider wearing a strapless dress
A person with a rectangle shape has less definition than other shapes giving a rectangular and possibly masculine appearance. Creating the illusion of a waist is the goal and this can be achieved by using belts and wearing full skirts.

* Wear U neck and V necks

* A sweat heart neckline will widen shoulders and add curves

* Choose corsets for the evening

* Choose shirts and tops that have visible details at the bust for example the empire waist

* Avoid loose boxy shirts and jackets

* Halter tops give a balanced look

* For the bottom skinny jeans, cargo pants, wide and flared leg will be appropriate

* Try an off the shoulder or halter dress

* Wear coats and jackets that flare out from the waist


* A shinny fabric makes the body appear larger while a matte finish will help the body appear slimmer

* Fluffy texture will also make a figure look heavier

If you are petite find clothing in the petite section to get the best fit for your body. As a petite person, you want to lengthen the illusion of your body and you also want to consider your proportions and body shape. There are several ways to achieve a taller appearance and dressing in a monotone colour palette is one of them. Use vertical lines to add the illusion of height with strong vertical prints and details. Use accessories, such as scarves, necklaces and earrings to draw the attention upward.

* ¾ sleeves will make your arms look longer

* For cropped pants and mid length skirts the hem to hit just above the calf

* Pressed/creased pants will help make you look taller

* Wear straight leg pants

* For long skirts wear them to your feet a couple inches off the floor

* Wear heels whenever possible

* Box shape is excellent for diminishing height

* Pants that flare from the knee are suitable

* Kimono styles are appropriate for larger frames

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