Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Accenting All The Right Places

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Accenting The Waist

     One of the most important places to accent is the waistline.  Coco Chanel was certainly a pioneer in design but looking back at time she seemed to loose the importance of the waistline.  No matter what your shape is the majority of the time is is best to emphasis a waist.  Creating the waistline can be achieved by tucking in seperates, style lines and wearing a belt.  A dress, top or swimsuit with a surplice design drawing the eye to the waist is also very effective in creating an attractive waistline.  A fitted top can also emphasis the waist.  Just one tip thoug if you wear an obvious belt, never wear a big necklace.

The surplice top

Style lines

Tuck in separates

Wear a belt

Accenting The Face

      Accenting the face is important because this is the most attractive and interesting part of all of us.  As well accenting the face draws the eyes upward achieving the appearance of height.  This is achieved by a statement necklace, statement earrings or a hat. Huge earrings bring all of the attention to your face with no need for a matching necklace. Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from hips and to the front and center of your body.  Wearing a scarf is also a great way to draw attention towards our face.

Accenting The Arms/Hands

      A statement bracelet helps to make the arms appear long, lean and slender.  The hands being another interesting and attractive feature wearing a statement bracelet brings attention to this. 

Attention to the Feet

     It has been said that a good quality pair of shoes can make any outfit look polished.  Wear the hem of your pants so that they fall to the shoes and don't touch the ground or rise above.  A knee length skirt will help to lengthen the legs and further show a great pair of shoes. Round toed high heeled give a perfect curve to your calf and don’t look trampy.
      Help keeping your shoe wardrobe looking great by polishing shoes and throwing or giving away shoes not worn.  In addition to the common black shoe consider variations of dark brown, tan, plum, red, rust and olive green.  These colours are more complimentary and stylish than the basic black.  Remember it is better to co-ordinate shoes to an outfit than match it.  

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