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Make your style fit!

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More On Shapes

As yesterdays blog outlined, knowing how to dress for your body shape is one tool to looking the best everyday. Body shape can be determined by studying how proportional your top is to your bottom and by analyzing placement of curves.  Body shapes are categorizes into sections. Six shapes were discussed and guidelines for tall and petites figures are also mentioned. The six shapes include triangle, also known as pear, inverted triangle, or top heavy, apple, with a round middle, hourglass, rectangle and oval. Being tall and petite, it is recommended that you also determine you body shape.

The Importance of the Best Fit and Taking Measurements
Getting the right fit is for me the most important tool to get the best appearance. Having the right fit in our under garments, clothing and outerwear can help achieve a slimmer appearance. Due to varying body shapes we may have to alter our clothes to get the best fit. We will need to work with measurements. The following suggestions can guide us through the process:

1. When measuring the bust, take 2 measurements, measure at the widest section of the bust and just under the bust, your rib cage.  The rib cage measurement is your band size and the difference between the two becomes the cup size.  More detail on this will be added in a post on lingerie.  Perhaps a proper bara size is one of the best ways to appear slimmer.

2. For the waist, measure the narrowest section. Keep in mind the pants often sit lower so adding a couple of inches to that will be your starting point when trying on most pants.

3. When measuring center front, start at the nap which is the indent at the bottom of the neck and measure to the waist.

4. The rise and inseam are two important measurements for pants. The rise is from the waist to the bottom of the under pant. The inseam starts at the bottom of the under pant, measuring the leg length to fold in the ankle.

5. When measuring for jeans measure at the waist (narrowest part of the torso), at the hips(fleshiest part of the hips) the inseam and the rise.

Suggestions For All Body Types

There are some guidelines that everyone can use while they are shopping for their optimum wardrobe. One of which is to accentuate your best features. Wearing bangles and bracelets puts the focus on the narrow part the arm. A necklace puts the attention to the neck and face drawing the eyes upward. The waist can be accentuated with a belt, while definition to the waist can be achieved with rouching. Style lines will draw attention to an area and the longer, wider or more repetitious a line the grater it’s influence in the total design. Keep in mind that folds also create lines and can add bulk. One thing to consider with lines is that repeated horizontal lines can add height and slimness. Try this effect on your body type.

There are styles that will work on all body types. With pants wear straight leg trousers and boot cut pants. Straight leg trousers are great for anyone that wants to hide waist concerns. V necks and fitted turtle necks are also great for everyone. Surplice, which is a style line that wraps around the body, is a great look for everyone in tops, dresses and swimwear. When choosing dresses remember that corset, princess, sheath and slip dress fits all shapes.

Keep in mind a few more details when finding your optimum style. A lower collar can lengthen a neckline whereas a wide collar adds width, for example a cowl neck suit longer necks. Wearing plaids the larger the plaid the larger the appearance of the area.

Shown are four type of jeans.

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