Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foundation to Style-Thoughts on Undergarments

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The Bra

      It is believed that seventy to eighty five percent of ladies wear the wrong size bra. Wow! Why would this number be so high? One reason could be that women buy the size that they wan rather than the one that fits. Our bodies are ever changing with weight fluctuations and this is always evident in the breast. With these changing weight fluctuations many women do not consider the importance of fitting our bras accordingly. Bra shopping can be a very difficult experience made even more difficult due to each country having a slightly different sizing system.

The area of incorrect fit is in the both the band size and cup size.

The solution to finding the right bra size can be in finding bras at a specialty shop and get professionally fitted. Some carriers do not carry a full range of sizes and therefore one need to find a specialty bra shop. A professional fitter will carry AA to K. When trying on bras you could also have a friend help point out that the band size and cup size is the right fit.
When founding the right bra measurements are only a starting point. First measure around your rib cage directly below your bust and add a couple of inches and this becomes your band size. Then measure the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size and you will have you cup size according to the following chart.


An important thing to remember when trying on bras is to try them on using the last hooks because as they relax you want to be able to tighten them. As well understand that band size and cup size compliment each other, when you need to change your band size you might need a different cup size to compensate for the change. Don
t get hung up on the number and letter combo.
Every wardrode has different requirements for foundation garments.  This is a sample of a few:

 Contour Bra 
                                Sport Bra
         Lacy Bra                     
      Strapless Bra
      Demi Bra 
       Caring for Lingerie, Bras, Swimwear and Shape wear
      There are some guidelines to keep your lingerie, bras swimwear and shape wear lasting, maintaining its shape and looking its best.
      1. Wash by hand with a gentle cleanser.
      2. Avoid washing in hot water.
      3. Wash bras after three to five wearing.  More often with increased perspiration.
      4. Wear dark bras under dark clothing.
      5. Never use bleach on swimwear because it will eat the spandex.  Find alternative solutions for removing stains.
      6. Squeeze out water and hang to dry.
           When organizing you intimate apparel use separate drawers or dividers.  Choose one for socks one for bras, one for underwear, and another for slips, shapers, hosiery, etc.  Through out any lingerie that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing, has little elasticity, is worn out, frayed or thread bare.  As well get ride of anything that hasn’t been worn in over a year and doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable.  Consider using sachets to help keep you undergarment smelling fresh.
      Making Lingerie
                 Making your own lingerie can be an enjoyable place to start sewing. You could start with easy project such as half slips, full slip and camisoles and enjoy a custom fit. Then move on to projects such as tap pants, sleep shirts, robes and pajamas. As well as enjoying custom made nightwear these could be fantastic gifts.

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